Yep, we do that too!

Every custom design piece starts out as a blank art board on Ai (Adobe Illustrator). As fonts, graphics and layout come together, the projects take on a life and voice of their own. And they do talk. Actually, we do the talking and pretend it's the work. It's a comical process but it serves a purpose. Here in our office, we are proud to do all our own copy writing for everything from wedding invitations to pamphlets and business tag lines. All the clever sayings and elegant wordings are conjured up at all hours of the day and night. My Google Keep app is where I store all my silly ideas for copy. And whether good, bad, or really bad, I never delete anything. Even bad copy inspires another great tagline. Our latest project for a Halloween styled shoot put our copy creativity to the test. As you read the invitation and the candy buffet tags, I'm quite sure you can hear Dracula reading it to you. Go ahead, try it. Happy Halloween!

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