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If it weren't enough to have presence on all top social media platforms, we decided to add Snapchat to the list. It is the real window into the Creative DNA flagship studio. Watch us create invitation mock-ups, open our FedEx packages, debut new designs, and even sneak a marshmallow as we build candy buffets. It's all part of our "brand transparency" campaign. I decided at the start of Creative DNA that we would be great at a few services and be honest with the scope of our work. This is the reason why I am the photographer for the entire brand portfolio. It is why we design and style inspiration candy buffets in the studio and why we always give credit to other artists that we work alongside. In the age of Pinterest and Etsy, it has become all too easy to deceive the masses. It is very simple to take a photo and pawn it off as your own work. It's doesn't take much skill to incorporate a registered trademark or copyright image into your own design and reprint for profit. I wish I were making this up, but we've already come across these real world examples a few times. Nikki can tell you that I'm pretty picky about what images appear on our social media timelines. It is important that the public see our own work and projects we personally contributed our talent. That level of honesty is only cultivated through complete confidence in our brand. And for our clients, that confidence is everything.

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