Huddle Cowork, we're home!

Yes, we did think we were the only ones. The only people who walked around our hometown and thought of all the wonderful things it could be. We are artists and designers and we see our surroundings much differently than most people. We get that. Then we received an email from Huddle, inviting us to take a tour. Huddle is Stockton's premiere venue for working artists and entrepreneurs. It's a free-flowing workspace that encourages the exchange of ideas. In other words, it was made for people like us! I can't express how excited we are to work alongside individuals from various demographics that see Stockton the way we do. This is our opportunity to network with the best creative minds in our area. We knew we had to be a part of the movement. Thank you to Tim, David and Katie for the warmest welcome ever! See you at the office! - Carrie

#CreativeDNA #wercreativedna #HuddleCowork #StocktonBusiness #SmallBusiness #StocktonCA #DowntownStocktonCA

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