FEATURE: Aisle Perfect

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It's Wedding Wednesday on many of the bridal blogs and websites that we follow. So you can imagine how excited we are to have our work featured.

Head on over to Aisle Perfect and check out this beautiful nautical themed styled shoot. Every detail was perfectly thought out by creative director, d. Royal Engagements and captured by the talented Chloe Jackman.

Unbeknownst to our mom, she agreed to help us during this shoot which was our longest styled photo shoot to date (about 10 hours). Even at her age our mom was very involved. She changed light bulbs, moved furniture, gave Nikki and I a quick tutorial in tying sailor knots, filled water vases, and hunted down missing seat cushions. She was a trooper. She even found a new appreciation for what we and our wedding industry colleges do.

It was a fantastic feeling to have our mom as a part of the vast team of professionals who make styled shoots like this a reality. And when I shared with her the feature news she replied, "Oh wow! We made it!"

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