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Sometimes we Yelp! You would think that Yelping would be a way to address our grievances with businesses: receiving less than desirable service, or the product was not as advertised. But through the act of sitting down, collecting our thoughts and deciding how many stars to give (or not give) in turn has helped our own business.

We have taken our best Yelp! experiences with brands or companies and decided to implement some of those qualities in Creative DNA. We absolutely adore the level of customer service we receive when staying at The Ritz-Carlton. The level of service is always the same, no matter what property we've stayed. What is their secret? I was so intrigued that I hunted down and read the book The New Gold Standard. Joseph Michelli describes the 5 principles that create the customer service experience that has become synonymous with The Ritz-Carlton. And the principles are simple enough to apply to any business.

Creative DNA is not on the same luxury scale as The Ritz-Carlton (maybe some day, but not today), but superb customer service transcends every economic scale. Perfecting our customer service mystique is a constant work in progress. Although we have narrowed down our target demographic, we are still working on techniques to provide service like no other in our industry. When we stay at The Ritz, we feel like exclusive VIPs, and that's the experience we want to give our clients.

Occasionally, we give small business owners advice. It's usually in the form of stories of our own business journey, our trial and errors, research we've conducted, books we read, and countless hours of taking business education webinars. Through Yelp! we may point out issues that need attention and offer a solution. For what good is constructive opinions if you don't offer solutions?

What really warms our hearts is when businesses actually take our advice and puts it to good use. Take our catch phrases, terminology, or font choice: we want to see your business thrive. Small business is the economic fabric of our communities. That's why we always go out of our way to spend our disposable income in small business. Because one day we'd love to see all local small businesses be The Ritz-Carlton of their industries..

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