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Wedding Sistahs 2015 Bash

"Surround yourself with people who encourage you, inspire you and believe in your dreams."

Our journey in the wedding industry has been filled with various bumps, obstacles, and potholes in the road. I never expected it to be easy, but finding people who are supportive of what you do, especially if they consider you a competitor, is downright virtually impossible. Or is it?

Through the magic of social media, we have met and forged relationships with some amazing industry professionals. The Wedding Sistahs are a San Francisco Bay Area creative collective. Eleven women strong, their talents run the full wedding industry spectrum. We have been blessed to have worked alongside these kick-ass women. Each opportunity they have given us has included their support and encouragement. Their appreciation for what we do is always evident to the point that it sometimes drives me to tears of sheer joy.

The Wedding Sistahs threw an end-of-the-year bash to thank all of the vendors they've worked with throughout 2015. It was such a joy to be included.

This photo sums it up, there's a lot of "love" and we are very much like a "family".

We're proud to be a Wedding Sistah Friend.

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