For Keep's Sake

“Photos’re better than nothing, but things’re better than photos ’cause the things themselves were part of what was there.” - David Mitchell, Black Swan Green

In the past we've had inquiries from brides and grooms who insist the stationery portion of their wedding day is not important. They can't fathom the thought of investing money into something that will just be thrown away. And in some respects, they're right. Not everyone will save their dinner menu or even the invitation. Not everyone will appreciate the custom artwork of your ceremony program.

And here's where I tell my story of being my family heirloom hoarder. My home is filled with furniture and mementos that belonged to my parents and grandparents. They are a constant reminder of my family history and the love stories that brought me and my siblings into the world.

I have ceremoniously sipped champagne from the etched glasses that my mother and father shared their first toast as husband and wife. And not only do I have the original invitations to my parent's wedding, I have the reception cocktail napkins and wedding cake topper as well. They are part of my priceless collection.

For our clients Andrea and Alex, they understand the meaning of their wedding printed materials. This shadow box is sure to be passed down to the Loera children and, one day, their grandchildren. The Loera's made an investment in family memories that wasn't just for the moment, but for generations to come.

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