It Was All A Dream . . .

"Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart's in it, and live the phrase the sky's the limit." - Notorious B.I.G.,"Sky's The Limit"

Creative DNA hand setting crystals on signage.

Boy does the pressure mount when a friend hires you. Not only is our new client our friend, but she's also Rachel Capil. You know Rachel . . . the Bay Area wedding and event photographer whose work has appeared in Oakland Magazine, Walnut Creek Magazine and most recently graced the cover of Diablo Weddings. Yeah, that Rachel. Pardon me while I bite my nails to a new all-time low.

Rachel's excitement for her project was immediately contagious and we knew we had to come up with something spectacular for her Biggie Smalls/90s Hip-Hop inspired bash. Not only was she celebrating ten years as a photographer but her birthday as well. During our client briefing we came up with the invitation presentation: a music cd. And lucky for us Rachel loved our first round of design drafts.

Early on Nikki and I decided that Rachel HAD TO HAVE a "blinged" out entry sign for the party venue. And because it was the item we received the most questions about, I thought I'd share our process.

Rachel's brand logo was inspired by Biggie's recognizable Coogie sweater and crown motif. It was digitally printed and mounted on a 24" x 36" foam core board.

Nikki and I rotated shifts, and sometimes "tag teamed" mounting over 4,000 genuine Swarovski crystals. The crystals were laid out by size then heated to melt the adhesive backing. Each crystal takes up to 10 seconds to adhere to the medium, therefore taking about 39 hours to complete.

It is truly a labor of love. Nikki and I have the burn marks on our hands and fingers to prove it.

The finished product is something fit for a true Girl Boss like Rachel. After the party ends the sign goes up on the office wall.

Looking back at all the sleep lost, the 2nd degree burns, the bouts of high blood pressure, it seems very surreal. But boy, it was worth it.

Wishing Rachel a very Happy Birthday and much success in the decade to come as one of the Bay Area's Best Photographers.

The Notorious RCP Swarovski signage.

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