To be continued . . .

Over the weekend, we completed our last full service contract of the year.

We were introduced to Lorna and Charlie through event planner, Chanda, of A Monique Affair. And through the consultation we realized that they were our ideal clients. They had a vision and allowed us to use our creative discretion.

After reflecting on many missed creative opportunities, Nikki and I decided to start visiting venues with our wedding planners. Through this process we can assess the details that clients can add to give their guests a wonderful experience.

We visited The Lodge at Point Reyes in Northern California where Lorna and Charlie were going to wed. It is quaint, cozy and full of custom design possibilities. We knew directional signage would be essential. If we found the parking situation a bit confusing, Lorna and Charlie's guests would too. And the best part of having Creative DNA as your graphic design team? All of your print media will have reoccurring elements tying all stages of your event together. From the save the date postcards to yes, even the parking sign, we designed everything with Lorna and Charlie's vision and input.

The parking sign had the design from their invitation. We call it design continuity. Lorna and Charlie just called it, "too cute"!

Wishing many years of happiness to Lorna and Charlie.

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