Through trial and error, blood, sweat and many tears (of desperation, usually) Creative DNA was born.

Carrie and Nikki are sisters, best friends and sometime rivals. But the one element that fuses their relationship and business is their creativity.

An avid artist at a young age, Nikki was a free spirit. Instead of relishing in the latest fashion and makeup trends as young girls do . . . she was creating her eclectic wardrobe from local thrift stores and asking for paints and sketch pads for her birthday. 

Carrie was given a Vivitar 110 camera in lieu of toys. At age 9, she was documenting her childhood and family moments on film. Thousands of images later, she finally calls herself a photographer. 

Throughout the years the girls were continuously called upon for their talents and creative vision to design custom event invitations. At the moment they developed their techniques down to a science, they dived into a business venture. 

While juggling full-time work, graphic design courses, and raising families, the girls took on several "pro bono" projects to develop their portfolio. Their goal was to refine their brand and vision. Soon their community was taking notice and their hard work continues. 


Owner / Chief Executive Officer

Artist, dreamer, perpetual student and a sometime comedian. 

Heart of a vagabond and a big city dweller.

Lives for young adult literature, fine dining, and hiking the National Parks. 

In a former life was a speak-easy lounge singer.

Favorite quote: "Simplicity is the new chic."

Nicole "Nikki"
Owner / Creative Director

Artist, techie, super mom, and a college football fanatic.
Heart of a philanthropist and a reclusive genius.

Lives for great scripted tv, luxury hotels, and cuddling with her pooch, Mr. Skippers.
In a former life was a New York City club DJ. 
Favorite quote: "I don't follow trends, I set 'em."